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Private Tuition


I offer critiques of fiction, imaginative non-fiction, poetry and scripts but, at present, I am unable to accept full-length manuscripts of book length because of a heavy workload. I can, however, see a limited number of students in North London for one-to-one tutorials. If you are interested in finding out more information or booking a session, please get in touch.

Prior to a tutorial, it will be up to the student to provide the paginated hard copy for editing. This is preferable to receiving text in email attachments and is less expensive because of the additional cost involved for paper and printing. Time spent reading manuscripts and/or printing/editing pages prior to a tutorial are chargeable.


I prefer to receive hard copy text as it is more cost effective for the student. However, if you want me to print off email attachments of your work, there will be a charge of 15 pence per page. I prefer not to edit on screen because it is more time consuming and, therefore, more costly to the student. However, if you have an imminent deadline for a competition, say, I will consider this, but you would need to speak to me first.


If your edited manuscript must be returned to you electronically, scanning time is chargeable.

Charge: £58 per hour/£29 per half hour. At our first meeting, you may prefer to bring an excerpt from a chapter, story, synopsis, etc which I can go through with you, sight unseen, so you can have a better understanding of the editorial process.


MARCH 2023


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